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Presentem al FTTH Council 2018 de València

    Enguany el FTTH Council es celebra del 13 al 15 de Febrer a València. Nosaltres presentem als workshops del “Governmental Day” i el de “How to make the right FTTH architecture choice” del dia 13 a la tarda


    • Governmental Day:
    • The “Governmental Day” Workshop is an initiative that aims at providing an interactive platform for broadband stakeholders in the EU with a strong focus on addressing and tackling the challeng-es of broadband deployment that occur for public local and regional authorities.
    • How to make the right FTTH architecture choice
    • An operator chooses how to deploy its FTTH network. This is determined by the corporate strategy and is influenced by external market and regional factors. In this session we will zoom in on these factors and strategic choices and examine the cost impact and practical implications of different architectures. We will also discuss a case study for Flanders (Belgium) following the announcement of the Flemish minister of Innovation beginning of October and look into real-life implementations: eir (Ireland) and Guifi-net (Spain).